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Update + EUROCALL virtual strand

Much has happened since last I wrote… Hugo has grown incredibly fast and it’s amazing to follow his development!


Together with my family, I have also left Umeå for Linköping, and we are trying to adjust to life in southern Sweden. When I get back from maternity leave, I will finish my thesis at a distance from here.

Apart from delivering this general update, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this year’s EUROCALL conference is to take place next week. Similar to last year, there will be a Virtual Strand to the conference. Since I’m on maternity leave, I won’t blog (which I did last year), but I will try to participate at a distance instead. Read more on the conference website and hope to see you there!

Little Hugo is here :-)

Almost a month earlier than expected, on April 14th, our beautiful baby boy, Hugo, was born. He was quite big for his age, though, and we are all doing fine!


Keeping quiet

I just realized that it’s been over a month since my last post here. Sorry folks! There is a lot going on right now, both at work and in my private life, and I simply cannot find the energy to blog (or the content to blog about, for that matter). As for work, I have recently finished my ethnographic/linguistic study (rounded up with some interviews yesterday), and I am now planning for a work-in-progress seminar on Friday April 20th, where I will present the present study, but also try to show how all the seemingly diverse parts of my thesis actually fit quite nicely together. I hope this work might feed me with some inspiration for blogging. I’m also editing an article which the reviewers have recommended for publication in JCMC, after what they have called “minor revisions” (really happy about that!). After finishing all this, I will try to slow down a bit at work and focus on the big things happening in my private life, which means that the future doesn’t look very bright blog-wise either. But, I’ll try to keep you updated :-) .

Seminar in HUMlab

On Tuesday at 1.15 pm CET, there is a seminar in HUMlab which I would really like to attend. Maria Wiklund, a student of literature who has been hanging out a lot in the lab lately, will talk about her interesting project looking into how online forums are used in the Harry Potter community. Then, Robert Bhatt who has attended the culture analysis program will talk about how the culture analyst can be involved in the creation of technical artefacts. This is a very timely topic, I think, as there is much discussion nowadays about identifying the practical uses of humanities skills.

I won’t be able to attend myself as I am conducting fieldwork at the moment, gathering material for the final part of my thesis (quite exciting, and time consuming – hence the scarce blogging). However, I’ll be sure to check the archived version of the seminar out later.

Blog tip

I’ve just come across a most interesting blog on Design. Innovation. Ethnography. Technology. Qualitative Research: MindSpace. Have a look!

Upcoming talks

In the next few weeks I have a quite busy schedule. On Thursday next week I’ll be giving a seminar at the Design school where I hope to initiate discussions concerning cross-disciplinary collaboration. I’m really excited to get a chance to present my linguistic research on conversational structures and communicative patterns to an audience of interaction designers, who might have (further) suggestions for practical applications of my results.

The week after I will present a paper together with my colleague Maria Lindgren at a local conference on university pedagogy, where we will discuss advantages and drawbacks of net-based learning, building on our experiences from our English courses. I will focus on social presence and real-time interaction, which is in line with what I’ll talk about later that week when I’ll be teaching a practical/theoretical course in HUMlab on different platforms for real-time interaction in distance education.

On top of this, I am also planning for my final observations. A lot to do, but it’s all very exciting!

Identity, language and medium

There is still time to submit proposals for a conference here in Umeå on “Identity and Power in the Language Classroom”, co-organized by some colleagues at the Modern Languages Department. One of the suggested themes concerns the relationship between identity, language and medium, which should interest some of the readers of this blog. What a wonderful opportunity to visit Umeå and get a glimpse of the midnight sun (the conference is on June 11-12)! You better hurry, though – deadline for submission of abstracts is in two days… Read more here.

HICSS articles

I have now posted the article I presented at HICSS on my “Papers” page. You should be able to access all articles from the conference from the IEEE digital library.

Activity theory and affordances

Back to work again… I’m reading Kaptelinin and Nardi’s Acting with Technology: Activity Theory and Interaction Design, and am trying to figure out how this approach fits (or doesn’t fit) in my theoretical framework. Considering that both the concept of affordances and Activity Theory focus on situated action and attempt to cut across the subject – object dichotomy, there seems to be some correspondence between the approaches.

The authors also explicitly compare the two and argue that there are many similarities between Activity Theory and Gibson’s notion of affordances, where affordances are not separated from perception, experiences and culture (as they are in some more recent accounts). A difference concerns the fact that affordances only deal with action possibilities on the operational level, but the authors point out that the notion could be expanded to include also other levels of human activity.

More food for thought is provided in the discussions concerning what is referred to as the “antitheoretical” stance of ethnomethodology. I definitely need to read and think more about this.

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