Away from home

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I have now been in New York City for a couple of days doing mixed work. Later today I will do a talk at CUNY. I am excited to be here and I am looking forward to the talk as well as continuing to meet really interesting people today and for the rest of my stay here. I am also hoping to some work on two (or rather three) articles/chapters I am currently working on. I will soon leave for the Bay Area (Stanford and Berkeley), a talk/seminar at UCSB, meetings at UC Irvine and elsewhere, and a long flight to Australia!

finishing article series

I hope to submit my fourth article on the digital humanities very soon.  Two articles have been published, the third will be published fairly soon, and I now have a full almost-ready manuscript of the fourth article. However, it has been difficult to stop incorporating new material as there is such an interesting discussion on the digital humanities going on right now - partly in relation to MLA 2011. I am not saying that it is all interesting or unexpected, but it is very rich in terms of providing material for the kind of work I am interested in doing.

notes for tomorrow’s talk at Yale


renewed web presence

I used to have a fairly good quality web presence (since 1998), but over the last year or so – partly because a university content management introduction process – I ended up not maintaining it. Also, I have been blogging less energetically. Well, I now have a new website at Still not fully implemented, but getting there. I will keep this blog, but introduce a slightly updated look later as well as some more content/connections. I also blog at the HUMlab Blog.  Whether I have anything to say, that is totally different question.

getting ready for media places

I am currently in California and after among other things have spent time at Stanford and met with the Spatial History group, I will spend Monday at UC Humanities Research Institute. After that I will go to NYC for a couple of meetings, and a talk at Yale on Dec 2. I am looking forward to doing the talk. The title is “Envisioning and Implementing the Digital Humanities”. I will be coming back to Sweden just in time for the Media Places conference, Dec 9-11. Should be enormously fun! We have an excellent crowd of people participate and an exciting program.

Last week I completed a full draft version of my “Envisioning the Digital Humanities” article. I have a couple of new writing projects planned, but most of them will have to wait until after the Media Places conference.

digital humanities design parameters

I am currently working on my fourth digital humanities article. The final part discusses a number of design parameters. The current setup includes:

  • Assume mutual respect
  • Allow the digital humanities to be a trading zone and meeting place
  • Care about space
  • Connect to the heart of the disciplines
  • Engage across multiple modes of engagement
  • Engage with technology
  • Digital humanities as an arena for innovation and rethinking

I should probably have many more than this. Will hopefully have all of them described and discussed in a few days.

light books

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For years, I used to carry around the Companion to the Digital Humanities when traveling, and I am happy to find that this time I am engaging with travel companions of a much more reasonable format including Rita Raley’s Tactical Media, Johanna Drucker’s SpecLab: Digital Aesthetics and Projects in Speculative Computing and Ken Hillis’ Online a Lot of the Time: Ritual, Fetish, Sign. The main exception is Art School: Propositions for the 21st Century (ed. Steven Henry Madoff), which is quite subtantial.

language education and technology

Two recent publications that relate to my interest in language education and information technology:

Svensson, Patrik. “Virtual worlds as arenas for language learning” (originally from 2003). In Hubbard, P. (Ed.) (2009). Computer Assisted Language Learning: Critical Concepts in Linguistics, Volumes I-IV. London & New York: Routledge.

Report from Språkgruppen SUHF 2009 (Report from the Language group, The Association of Swedish Higher Education). A report on the situation and future for academic language education in Sweden. It is nice to see that some of the work I have done in the past on learning, language education and technology (myself and with collaborators) is used fairly extensively in the report.


Someone pointed out that I have not blogged in this space for quite some time. I have just been too busy, and I have also prioritized doing online writing elsewhere (including the HUMlab blog). Hopefully there will be more writing here in the future. Or I will start a new blog. Let’s see.

I am currently at a café in Umeå. I am the only customer. I still works as a café space as there is background music and the people working here are around. I am very happy there are several quite decent cafés here in Umeå. An important property of any city I think.

Doing lots of other things I have stored up substantial energy over the last couple of months which I will use this summer to do some writing (among other things). I have finished the first digital humanities article (out of three), and my plan is to finish full drafts of the subsequent articles by August. In August I will also do planning work (with co-editor) for an edited volume. Should be fun!

I am also doing quite a bit of work on getting the technology and concept of the new part of HUMlab getting implemented. Very exciting and I quite enjoy us pushing the envelope quite a bit both conceptually and in terms of technology.

making the café your second home

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A young woman just installed a reading device (one of these things with a long arm to allow you to read books more easily) at the table next to mine in the café I am currently frequenting. Others have combined tables to create a large desk space and the surface is totally cluttered. Another student is singing to herself (mostly) with headphones while working at her laptop. In some cafés you see the same people day after day, year after year. The café may be your primary work place (especially here in the US I think). To me it is a secondary work place, but still very important.