an interesting beginning

The university director, Inge-Bert Täljedal, opened the conference, Den Teknologiska Texturen with the thought (paraphrased) ‘The humanities has always been driven by technology. where would we be if no one had invented the pen or paper or oil colors. It is no surprise that this generation is taking the tools we have and pushing the proverbial envelope.’

Blogging the lab and beyond

This is the first (non-test) entry in HUMlab’s new web space. We have decided to make this blog our principal English (institutional) presence. One reason is because so many of us are bloggers and also because we want to bring in other people. Also, I think it makes sense to let the blog and our regular Swedish website be different (with different affordances) rather than just creating a mirror copy.

The format is still a bit experimental and it will probably take a couple of weeks to get things right. But this project is very exciting and I have very good hopes. We are planning to bring in guest bloggers (two weeks each) – an idea that I originally got from Jill Walker (this post). Hopefully Jill will guest blog here soon. Our first guest blogger is Bryan Alexander. This snippet from a recent Howard Rheingold article might give you a sense of Bryan.

I will never forget my first meeting with Bryan Alexander. I bet most people remember their first meeting with him. He’s friendly and cheerful, sports a big, black, civil-war general (or Biblical prophet) beard, and the light of some kind of fervor burns in his eyes. Ideas excite him and he’s not averse to passionate oratory.

Tomorrow the Technological Texture conference HUMlab organizes will open and we plan to showcase the blog. We might be able to recruit a few more guest bloggers then! Hopefully there will quite a lot of conference blogging on this site. I hope this will become a meeting place and an extension of HUMlab. I know we will spend time here. I hope you will too!