This section of the Game Gurus site is for future teachers of the class. In it is included all classroom materials as well as a summary of observations. Please submit further class observations for inclusion in this valuable documentation.

Name cards

We gave the kids name cards to keep track of them. We had two groups of kids: green and blue dragons. The name cards are created with respective colors. Cars on the card meant the child was being dropped off by parents n their cars while shoes meant they were going to be walking from and back to school. Furthermore, instructors had purple dragons and incidental people – like guests, additional helpers, and press, wore red cards.

Adobe PDF file


We gave the kids bookmarks on the first day to remind them and their parents about the Game Gurus website. In addition, there’s space for the Scratch website name and password for the kids’ groups.

Adobe PDF file


The survey gives a sense of the progression of the class. See past survey results for how the class fares.

Kid Compliments

During the parent presentations, we give each kid a compliment when we hand them their certificate.   This shows the kids you care, pleases the parents, and makes you look for the good in everyone throughout the class.   Here are some examples.


We gave the kids certificates at the parent presentation. The Adobe Illustrator files are included so you can make changes for your specific presentation and add/modify logos.

More files

Here’s some cool dragon pics for other purposes. We used them to give directions to the parents to the room within the building. Note: these are really big.