Class Vision

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Video Games are the burgeoning art form of the 21st Century and will heavily influence future generations. As video games become the primary form of entertainment, teams of designers and programmers with well-honed skills will be needed to push the limits of technology as they use the medium to inspire the world as have the timeless works of art, plays, books, and movies in our past.

The ultimate goal of the class is to send the kids home with the ability to make video games in their spare time.  In the process of creating their first game, they will become familiarized with the capabilities of Scratch, they will learn where to find tutorials and example games, and they will practice using search terms to google solutions to problems that arise.  Along the way, they will pick up logic and programming skills, they will leverage collaboration to move faster than working alone, and they will gain appreciation for the art and difficulty of making a game that engages players.  Through this process, we hope to give a sense of accomplishment and empowerment that motivates them to combine technology, creativity, and team-work skills in their everyday lives.

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Hello world!

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