Gabriel Adauto has taught technology classes to 4th to 8th graders for the past 4 years.  He has developed curricula for Beginner and Advanced Video Game Design, Computer Programming, and Lego Robotics which have been used by himself and others at the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovationa and Galileo Summer Quest.  He is a Senior Software Engineer as well and has worked at successful Bay Area technology companies for 8 years.

Stephanie Hendrick is a PhD candidate at Umeå University, affiliated with both the Department of Language Studies and HUMlab. Hendrick is in the final phase of her PhD education, finishing a dissertation entitled Bursty Little Communities: The influence of communities of practice on linguistic choices in individual and communal weblog spaces. In addition, Hendrick is one of three researchers in the project entitled, YouTube as a performative arena, a project which examines how youth are using video online.