Gaming symposium in lab: Humans, culture and computer games

Current HUMlab post-doc, Torill Mortensen has put together an impressive group for her gaming symposium, Humans, culture and computer games: methods for exploring how people use and live with their chosen online activities. Researchers from within Scandinavia, as well as the USA, Italy and England will come together over the next three days and discuss research methods and cross-disciplinary strategies. The symposium begins today at 12.45. The program can be found here. Lectures will be streamed. Check the program for lecture times and click on the link below for the stream.

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2 Responses to Gaming symposium in lab: Humans, culture and computer games

  1. Dear Stephanie,

    I wish I could have attending the gaming symposion this week. I am currently doing some research of the possiblity of making sound tracks for museums aval. at a lower costs, since not many museums have the capacity to invest in systems as those seen at MoMA or The Met. The technology edge will probably have a solution in a while. Would you think it would be feasable to have guest download a soundtrack to their one cellphons hence that they could use their one cellphone as media for executing the sound track. Would it work?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi Soren! Thanks for you comment. Not being a game person myself, I will have to pass this comment on to those at the conference tomorrow!

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