Passion for the digital!

Today our director will speak to the PhD students in the Humanities faculty, the Teacher Ed faculty and the faculty of social sciences about the meaning of the digital, the need for creative meeting places and about being passionate. When Patrik was a student, he really took advantage of his PhD time and became a visiting scholar at Berkeley, got to know great linguists in his field and even co-authored a book on Gothic. He was definitely passionate about his work as a student, and as director of HUMlab, still is. His commitment to students in the digital humanities is evident in the time he takes to talk through our papers and articles, his willingness to read through applications and through time spent facilitating an environment where we feel welcome to meet and discuss ideas in an open and cross-disciplinary space. I am really looking forward to hear what he has to say!


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3 Responses to Passion for the digital!

  1. Frank Stein says:

    You seem like nice people, but what is this blog really for, other than inane in-house promotion (like this post)?

    And wouldn’t it be better to have a poster for this event which wasn’t completely risible?

    Why have a blog that’s neither entertaining nor informative? It reads like an ill-advised grant requirement. So, so sad.


  2. Stephanie says:

    I am sorry you feel that way, Frank. This blog has always advertised in-house seminars. It is a good way for people to find links to the streamed and archived versions of our talks – and we have a pretty strong archive. As for not entertaining or informative, well dear, that is a matter of opinion :-)

  3. Jim says:

    Yes, Frank, beauty is in the eye as the say. I quote from a recent comment:

    Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.

    Comment by Janet — November 30, 2007

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