On Monday, March 7, during the Sami festival Ubmejen Biejvieh, Humlab hosted , a conference about how digital technology can preserve and develop the Sami languages.
The conference was arranged by the Sami Parliament’s Language Center, Humlab, Umeå Municipality (International Affairs and Centre for Multilingualism) and the Swedish Sami Association (SSR).
Sami language workers, teachers, coordinators in municipalities, representatives of the Sami Parliament’s Language Board, Sáminuorra (Sami Youth Organization of Sweden) etc (about 40 participants) gathered in Humlab X for lectures and discussions.

– “It is obvious that the technology and the opportunities are there, but there is a need for venues to discuss and coordinate how these can be applied in the best way to strengthen and develop the Sami languages, their use and visibility,” says co-organizer Coppélie Cocq, Humlab.

#digigiella16 | Photo by Peter Steggo
#digigiella16 | Photo by Peter Steggo

The presentations and the panel discussion are available in our seminar archive: http://stream.humlab.umu.se/.

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