After Global Game Jam 2016

The last weekend in January we had, as mentioned in the post before, the Global Game Jam 2016. This year we had around 30 participants working with around 10-11 ideas for 48 hours, from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, making Umeå one of the more than 600 locations globally partaking in the event. This years theme was Ritual and all the games from Umeå and the rest of the world is completely free to download. This years contribution from Umeå is among others; voodoo goat doctors, human sacrifices and demons in a china shop. See below for link.


You can also listen to me (Carl-Erik Engqvist) and my Global Game Jam 2016 (and 2015) co-organizer Justyna Fryczak talking about “emotional games”. The talk was broadcasted as part of the 2016 Global Game Jam Radio.

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