new issue of Human IT

A new issue of Human IT has just been published. Human IT is a multidisciplinary, scholarly journal which publishes new research and discussion on digital media as communicative, aesthetic, and ludic instruments. It is published by the University College of Borås.

Table of contents:

Anneli Sundqvist
Guest editorial: Electronic Records: An Introduction

David Brolin
Den digitala hammarens filosof: Vilém Flusser-introduktion på svenska [The Philosopher of the Digital Hammer: An Introduction in Swedish to Vilém Flusser] (Review)

Lars Ilshammar
When Computers Become Dangerous: The Swedish Computer Discourse of the 1960s (Refereed Section)

Electronic Records:

Else Hansen
Ny viden Рgamle id̩er: Elektroniske registre i den danske centraladministration [New Knowledge РOld Ideas: Electronic registers in the Danish Central Administration] (Open Section)

Kenneth Hänström
Autenticitet i en digital värld: Långsiktsbevarande av allmänna handlingar [Authenticity in a Digital World: Long Term Preservation of Public Records] (Open Section)

Karin Wagner
Internet Art and the Archive (Open Section)

Pauline Singh, Jane E. Klobas & Karen Anderson Information Seeking Behaviour of Electronic Records Management Systems (ERMS) Users. Implications for Records Management Practices (Refereed Section)

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