An exhibition presented in HUMlab-X between 7th to the 8th of November.
The artists Malin Tivenius and Ylva Westerhult, have collaborated in the project Anti-Atlas. The project was granted aid from Kulturskjutsen and was part of the program Umeå Capital of Culture in 2014. The piece was as displayed in the exhibition based on an artistic exploration of meetings of the geographical triangle Algeciras, Gibraltar, Tangier. Here Africa and Europe meets, different cultures and religions. In a very limited geographic area three different nations with significantly different identities meet: Spain, UK and Morocco. Two oceans, Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet in the Strait of Gibraltar. On a clear day you can see Africa clearly visually from Gibraltar. It is also one of the European Union’s external borders and the meeting between the richer and in the moment of currently less well-off region. The physical distance between Africa and Europe is short.

Litterature often use images of landscapes to tell interior human condition. The visual image of the Strait of Gibraltar reflects well the historical and current charging around the place. In the exhibition  at HUMlab-X the environments and landscapes became the medium for personal consideration of how the boundaries are clear, while the relaxed by different cultural expressions moving across geographic territories.

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