Busy days in the labs!

It’s been busy days in the labs…

On tuesday and wednesday HUMlab-X hosted the seminar <Innan_punkt> in collaboration with Länsbiblioteket i Västerbotten. A seminar that explores the possibilities of using digital tools to visualize the process of writing fiction. The project is a pilot study and we were happy to see authors and researchers from various fields coming together, sharing knowledge and participate in the discussions.

More info about the seminar and the participants can be seen here.


On thursday evening it was time for Game Bonanza at HUMlab, main campus. The theme was grounded in LGBT cultures and sexism in the world of games and gaming – on representations, stereotypes and taboo – as well as the problem of not being able to discuss that there are problems.

Maria Myhr, freelance journalist for Level on E-sports and MMO and Michael Gill, freelance journalist and one of Sweden’s most notable game critics first held lectures and then we went over to gaming…



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