British Library Papyri now available online

The British Library is happy to announce the digitisation of a small group of particularly significant papyri. Available to view online, along with new catalogue entries, are:
Egerton Papyrus 2 (P. Lond. Christ. 1/P. Egerton 2, the Egerton Gospel):

Papyrus 1531 (P. Oxy. IV 654, fragment of the Gospel of Thomas):

Papyrus 2052 (P. Oxy. VIII 1073, fragment of the Old Latin Genesis):

Papyrus 2068 (P. Oxy. IX 1174, Sophocles, Ichneutae):

Papyrus 229 (P. Lond. I 229, Latin deed of a sale of a slave boy):

See also the announcement on our Medieval Manuscripts blog:

In the coming weeks, we expect to post online Papyrus 131, containing the Athenaion Politeia along with other texts, and the decorated binding of Papyrus 1442 (P. Lond. IV 1419), an eight-century codex containing a tax register.

Comments and feedback are very welcome, and we are particularly keen to hear from colleagues who are using the Digitised Manuscripts website in the classroom.

Cillian O’Hogan

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