Excursion to Kuusakoski Recycling

Last week teachers and students belonging to the Electronic Knitting Circle made an excursion to Kuusakoski Recycling in Skelleftehamn. As the concept of recycling played a large role in the discussions and experiments we did within the EKC it felt natural to visit Scandinavia’s leading recycling center for metal and electronic junk, to understand the entire process in transforming what we consider trash into ready to use material. We got an almost 2 hour long tour of the facilities by one of the workers and were amazed by such machinery as the big shredder that can turn a car into a pile of metalstrips in 10 seconds. We also got to understand that metal can be recycled endlessly and that discarded materials are used as landfills. To wrap things up and finish of the day we later visited Skellefteå to try the worlds largest soft serve ice cream. On the picture below is the small version…

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