HUMlab FAQ (part III)

I am thinking of spending extended time in Umeå/coming here as a student/postdoc/applying for a job. Where can I find more information about the place (HUMlab, Umeå University, the city of Umeå)?

This blog entry (from December 2012) gives quite a bit of information (and a few links). It was published in conjunction with a search.  An older piece, written by then postdoc Jenna Ng (now at University of York), can be found here. It is excellent, very Jenna like and brings a distinct outside perspective.

What resources are available in HUMlab?

Creative spaces, several virtual/digital platforms, workstations (powerful, both PC and MAC), physical computing gear, interactive floors screen, screen and interaction screens (11 screens), sound studio etc. See here for more information.

What is the digital humanities?

Not a simple question, but simply put, our take is that digital humanities is what is between humanities and the digital. The digital is a tool, study object and medium. HUMlab has a commitment  to the digital humanities, of course, but really our operation is about the humanities, culture and information technology.

I know you stream/broadcast seminars. Is there an archive?

Yes, check this website out (we will launch a new version of the archive later this year). We have 150+ seminars archived.

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