Seminars on Digital Bauhaus and the Ethics of Remix

[April 24 at 1:15 pm]
The Question of a Digital Bauhaus
Kenneth Knoespel, Georgia Tech
HUMlab on the main campus

The digital transformation of society has shaped a new class of digital-worker for whom the economic market appears to have an almost insatiable appetite. The demand for these new digital workers has encouraged the development multiple new programs in digital media. But the increased enrollment in our programs is hardly a function of a new market alone. The tactility of our work — the stuff, the materiality – of the settings in which we find ourselves helps explain the strong attraction to digital technology. New generations are attracted to these environments for the bench or studio culture that it embodies; the digital worker also becomes a digital artist. Contrary to some who would see work in digital settings far removed from handwork, I want to emphasize the ways in which they fall together. Instead of seeing radical breaks with the past, I want to consider what we might learn from the history of our work. In what ways do our current settings challenge us to ask if we are building a digital Bauhaus? And if so, what social, political, or aesthetic aspect of the so-called ‘historical’ Bauhaus provides the most important resonance to a ‘digital Bauhaus?’ Our answers to these questions involve an emphasis on the new forms of writing, materiality, and cognition that shape our work at the beginning of the 21st century.

[April 24 at 3:00 pm]
The Ethics of Remix
Jonathan McIntosh, Rebellious Pixels
HUMlab-X (Arts Campus)

There has been much discussion about the legal issues surrounding remixing media but what about the ethics of appropriation? How do we navigate questions specifically relating to the power dynamics that arise when remixing someone else’s media. Is there a meaningful difference between remixing corporate or government media and remixing works by individuals? This seminar will examine these moral and ethical implications.

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