HUMlab FAQ (part II)

What can I do in HUMlab as student/researcher/teacher?

You can participate in different kinds of activities (seminars, workshops, courses etc.). Most activities are open to anyone. If you are a student, your program may carry out some courses together with HUMlab. Researchers, students and artists may work on their own or HUMlab-run projects in the lab. We are happy to be involved in discussing new projects, digital components of educational programs or possible research directions. More than anything, HUMlab is  place to be, hang out and meet other people. Just come by!

What kind of people work in HUMlab?

Programmers, humanities researchers (from art history to ethnology), communication managers, engineers, coordinators, project leaders and others. A total of about 20 people (10 researchers).

Why do you have so many screens?

Screens are in some ways an interface to a computationally inflected world. They are historically, materially and culturally significant (think about windows, paintings or a medieval church or the number of computer and mobile screens used in a cafe). Also screens can be integrated with different kinds of interaction technology. There are several screen installations in HUMlab that challenge conventional use of screens (in terms of orientation, number of screens, placement) including the screenscape in HUMlab-2 (11 screens around the room) and the floor screen in HUMlab-X. And although screens are an important part of our infrastructure, we have many other kinds of technology and installations too.

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