research and student events at HUMlab-X

Today, there was an Arts Campus research event that took place in our space. It went well, was interesting, and gave us an opportunity to try the space out a bit including using the large rug.

Here you see pro vice chancellor Kjell Jonsson start the event off. Right after the research event, we hosted a student event, which was about giving the students a sense of HUMlab and think about possible ways of doing things together. There was vegan and vegetarian pizza to be had. Our three student ambassadors participated: Leonela Lilja, Johan Grönskog and Anna Misharina. I am very happy about the way this worked out, and it was great to talk to the students. We even attracted students from pre-university stages. We will post more information about collaborative possibilities soon.

This is Emma Ewadotter talking about a possible project.

The two events merged, and it was good to see this happen. Nice energy and possibilities!

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