How to build a basic robot using Arduino and Lego

Yesterday, Thursday 7th March, we successfully had the fifth course of the Electronic Knitting Circle. For those still not familiar with the concept the Electronic Knitting Circle it is a collaboration between the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and HUMlab, taking place in the dynamic environment of HUMlab-X in Umeå Arts Campus. Every month we offer one course but also one “knitting circle” event open for everyone, related to the concept of art and technology. For an example last month we had a course based on the idea of “Lifehack”, how to apply hacker strategy on life in itself including things we consider trash, followed a couple of weeks later by the “knitting circle” discussion group event where we investigated the concept of “Recycling”.

But yesterday we offered the participants to collaborate in how to build a basic robot combining the Arduino platform with some coding and Lego Technic. See below for documentation of the process and results.



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