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I am currently researching and writing a paper on remix and the ‘two cultures’, looking at projects we have run in HUMlab over the past couple of years and arguing for their scientific value through technology, but as firmly grounded in the humanities and arts via Remix. I just came across this documentary film that I had not seen and thought to share it with HUMlab people. CONSTRUCT from 2011 was a highlight for me as a project. The Yoshikaze Artist-in-Residency is of course ongoing.

A documentation by Mab MacMoragh on CONSTRUCT by Selavy Oh.

Selavy Oh was present every day adding one hollow cube representing one day to the installation. The resulting installation consists of 75 white cubes, most of them reacting in various ways to the presence of visitors, and can be conceived as collection of dynamic time capsules, as spatial blog or diary, that transforms time to space and thus breaks up the inevitable causality of its development by folding it to a multidimensional ensemble allowing for novel relations between its constituents. The single days continuously exchange their positions, resulting in an everchanging labyrinth of cubes – some days even becoming inaccessible – which allows the visitor to discover new connections and associations that go beyond formal or semantic similarity.

(Text by Selavy Oh)


Selavy Oh’s installation “construct” was realised during her 75-day-long virtual residency between February and April 2011 at Yoshikaze “Up-In-The-Air” Humlab, UmeĆ„ University, Sweden. The residency was curated by Goodwind Seiling/Sachiko Hayashi in collaboration with the sim manager Didge Burroughs/Jim Barrett.


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