Facebook usage in Swedish women’s shelters

Today I will be speaking about how women’s shelters in Sweden are using Facebook as a website replacement in our internal HUMlab seminar. In my work to date, I have found 5 ways that social media is being used as a transformative practice by domestic violence victims and their advocates: allowing for the reconstruction of elements of the social identity “domestic violence victim”, the self-narration of victimhood, for the collection and dissemination of available resources, in the establishment of community, and in the gamification of domestic abuse. Facebook is being used by women’s shelters for the collection and dissemination of available resources, as well as in the establishment of community. Interestingly, one shelter reported that 2/3 of their new intakes came through Facebook chat rather than through their phone line or static website. Despite the real security threats that using Facebook can entail for DV victims, it does seem that it is where victims are currently going in search of information and help.

Here is my prezi for the talk,

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