CESTA and more at Stanford

So today was the final day of meetings and activities at Stanford for this time. It has been an exciting week with several joint meetings between Umeå and Stanford leaderships, meetings with scholars, research groups and various functions at the university. After most external visitors had left today I walked up to the Wallenberg fourth floor and talked with Zephyr Frank. He runs the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis and is an important part of the Media Places Project (Umeå-Stanford collaboration).

We had a great conversation. Things are really coming together.

I also went to Fred Turner’s office. Fred is also an important part of the collaboration, and his and my own work has a great deal of overlap. Not least in relation to screen research and work on multiple screens. Another great conversation. Both Frank and Zephyr will come to Umeå in December so we will get to see them soon.

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