A new HUMlab year

The new semester has just started and we will soon post information about upcoming events and developments here. Among other things, it seems as if we will have an excellent seminar series this spring. In the latter part of the semester, we will have some new postdoc researchers in the lab. Hopefully, they will contribute to this blog. And, after the summer, the new expansion will be ready if everything works out. Exciting times! More about all this later.

About hardware: We have just installed a new scanner computer (with a new slide scanner – and we will possible get a new large-format scanner later) and a new game computer with a blazing graphics card and some new games. We will also get a Nintendo Wii of course.

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3 Responses to A new HUMlab year

  1. Stephanie says:

    Very excited to try out the wii. I wonder how it will compare with the Playstation’s eyetoy. I know that the eyetoy can be ineffective if there is not TONS of light.

  2. therese says:

    I have played some Wii over Christmas and was really impressed with the accuracy and precision. Also, the games seem more sofisticated than Eyetoy games. Just remember to do some warm-up exercises before starting and some stretching afterwards – I know I certainly could have used it ;-) .

  3. It is constantly awesome to see wherever technologies goes and the potential of gaming is no diverse. There are many cool and quite progressive technologies arising. There is no way to tell which 1 will make the upcoming massive wave, but 1 thing is for confident, it will have a thing to do with receiving rid of the remote as we know it!

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