Kulturverket in HUMlab-X

HUMlab is at the moment collaborating with Kulturverket. Kulturverket started in 2005 and is part of the municipal administration of the city of Umeå, Sweden and is commissioned to give all children in the municipality access to cultural experiences and to integrate aesthetic learning processes in the everyday work of the schools. Most projects start in schools, but end up being presented in institutions like the opera or the Museum of Contemporary Art. All projects are carried out in collaboration with institutions, universities and colleges, museums, the opera, libraries, etc.

HUMlab is part of the project Fair City which consists of nine themes where the lab is involved in the theme of “communication”. In 2014, Umeå is the European Capital of Culture. Many large-scale projects with international implications will take place throughout the city. The project Fair City focuses on Umeå, the children’s creativity and the idea to create a more vibrant city. The project want to create conditions for new meetings, take care of the children’s ideas that eventually lead to development, new ideas and new expressions. Here are some images from Tuesdays session with a class of eight year olds, trying to create animals of the future and investigate how they communicate.

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