Feminist Frequency in HUMlab

So, one day a person decides to take a closer look at how women are portrayed in video games and asks the public to fund the project (if the public  finds it important, of course – it is a free choice). It doesn’t sound all that upsetting, does it? Well, think again. Remember the online harassment storm around the video project ”Tropes vs Women” in the spring of 2012? A project that explores, analyzes and deconstructs some of the most common tropes and stereotypes of female characters in games? It proved to be highly upsetting for some but did also help raise awareness of how misogynic some parts of the gaming society can be. The storm also proved the importance of the project that in the end gathered over $ 150,000 from nearly 7000 backers in its kickstarter fund raising campaign.

The creator of  ”Tropes vs Women” is Anita Sarkeesian, a US feminist pop culture media critic who produces an ongoing web series of video commentaries from a feminist/fangirl perspective: Feminist Frequency: Conversations with Pop Culture.

Sarkeesian earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and her Master’s degree in Social and Political Thought. Her research interests are focused on privilege and systems of oppression, specifically on representations of race, gender, sexuality, class and ability in popular culture.

HUMlab in collaboration with DINo Lab has the pleasure to announce that we will have Anita Sarkeesian as a guest from September 26th, giving a talk with the title

“Entering a Gendered Minefield: Tropes vs Women in Games and Other Pop Culture Media“.

at 5:00 pm on September 26.

Sarkeesian will talk about her project and fill us in on the results she has gotten so far. The talk will be held in the Auditorium of Umeå School of Architecture. For the early birds, there will be a chance to mingle in HUMlab-X from 4 pm and to help yourself to some lighter refreshments (limited amount – first come, first served). Everyone welcome! The talk is free to attend.

Anita will also be giving a workshop about her work with Feminist Frequency on September 27 at 5 to 7 pm. For further details and to sign up for the workshop, please contact Karin Jangert at karin.jangert@humlab.umu.se no later than September 22. The number of participants will be limited and we reserve the right to make a selection among those who have signed up.

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