DH article series 2009-2012

Over the last five years (longer really) I have worked on an article series on the digital humanities. The fourth and final article was published recently (in Digital Humanities Quarterly, just like the others).

Here are the articles:

Humanities Computing as Digital Humanities (2009)

The Landscape of Digital Humanities (2010)

From Optical Fiber to Conceptual Cyberinfrastructure (2011)

Envisioning the Digital Humanities (2012)

The series was originally planned as a three-part installation, but it grew out of bounds, and ended up being a fairly massive four-piece set. The series has been a way of trying to get to grips with the humanities and the digital, the field of digital humanities, and my own ‘building’/the collaborative development of HUMlab. I hope it can be useful to others.

My other DH writings include a chapter for the Debates in the Digital Humanities book (“Beyond the Big Tent”) and “Digital Humanities as a Humanities Project” for Arts and Humanities in Higher Education. I thought I would have moved on by now, but some projects continue for much longer than anticipated – for good reasons. The four articles have been an exciting challenge and a large project (an effort carried out with the help of many others). I have two major DH writing projects left before moving on the other things – excited about these too (happy about everything that is going on and the continued discussion/debate)!

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