Seminar in HUMlab: Mapping Time and Mapping Space

Visiting Harvard Junior Fellow Jo Guldi will be giving a seminar in HUMlab on Tuesday 8 May at 13:15-15:00 entitled Mapping Time and Mapping Space: Scale, Time, and the Longue Durée, a Methodological Query for the Digital Humanities. This is a USSTE, Umeå Studies in Science, Technology and Environments seminar talk.

If technologies of digital analysis allow us to sort larger numbers of books, performing “distant reading” over entire corpi at the same time, a new question of methodology arises: what sorts of longue-duree questions are suited to questions that happen over an immense scale of time and space? Which historical problems and methods meet each other to test our capacities as scholars of the digital?

Jo Guldi, a historian of political economy and information whose work ranges from the fourteenth to the twenty-first century, will present initial findings from her new project, “The Long Land War,” a study of land reform movements, academic paper production, and pamphlet distribution that linked first-world modernists with developing-world revolutionaries in a conversation about land, history, and agency. Timelines, geoparsing, and image abstraction show how new scales of historical inquiry — ranging over continents and centuries — are enabled by the wide methods of the digital turn.

About the speaker
Jo Guldi is Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows, Boston, USA. and the author of Roads to Power: How Britain Invented the Infrastructure State (Harvard University Press, 2011)

Welcome to HUMlab and what should be a fascinating presentation.

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