Art Fellow Project

Sachiko Hayashi recently completed an Art Fellowship in HUMlab. The project involved

“gestural interface, via which three components (avatar, sound, visual) are brought together in real-time in a mixed-reality performance. The gestural interface via Kinect and Processing programming enable elimination of pre-programmed (pre-animated) and pre-recorded sequences of avatar movements, sound and visual components.

Kinect captures real-life body movement to control avatar movement in Second Life. Kinect is also used for the part of real-life audio-visual performance, for which Kinect captures the real-life imagery of the performer and her surroundings and manipulates it in real-time via programming in Processing. The sound is generated by computer glitch in real-time also through gestural interface. The audio-visual performance is then streamed into Second Life to be combined with the movement of the avatar in real-time. Because of the gestural interface for the movement of the avatar and incorporation of real-life surroundings, each performance becomes truly unique” (Sachiko).

Sachiko’s time in HUMlab was a rich experience for everyone involved and much was learned by all. HUMlab’s collaboration with Sachiko continues with the ongoing Yoshikaze Up-in-the-Air Artist in Residency program where international artists work in the Yoshikaze studio space on the HUMlab Island in the virtual world of Second Life. More on Yoshikaze and the current artist in residence Pyewacket Kazyanenko can be found HERE.

More videos from Yoshikaze can be viewed here.

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