A Slice of 48 Hours in HUMlab

HUMlab is expanding. In the past 12 months we have gained a sound studio and creative studio, and at the moment we are activating HUMlab X which will be opened later in the Spring. Exciting times. One thing I have noticed is the tempo has changed in the lab as a result. Staff are now working across the spectrum of spaces we have operating. As a result there is more movement in the lab, people are ‘out on missions’ and the types of work conducted in each of the various spaces is different. I have my base in the center of the HUMlab network, what we call HUMlab 2, a multiple screen and meeting space connected to the large computer studio that is the ‘original’ HUMlab. People move through this space. Meetings happen, people are working by themselves and in groups. Teaching is also a daily feature of the space. Here are images for some of the situations I encountered in the past 48 hours in the lab.

One of the many recent developments in HUMlab is what has been a regular research seminar group. We have decided to expand the scope of the seminar; to take in three of the major themes of HUMlab; teaching, research and making. This image is of the first meeting for what will be known as Humaniora Information Teknik/Humanities Information Technique (HIT) in the center of HUMlab 2.

This is an image of class presentations by occupational therapy students from the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation. It is exciting to have activities from the medicine faculty in HUMlab and after this class I spoke to the lecturer about the possibilities for using digital media in occupation therapy. I hope we can develop this theme further.

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