The Playable Actor/Console Yourself


Exciting times ahead! The project “The Playable Actor/Console Yourself” is entering its final phase and will premiere now in March 2012, just as planned. The project is a collaboration between HUMlab, Nifflas Games(an independent game maker) and Skuggteatern(a local impro theatre group) that was initiated in November 2011. The main goal of the project is to construct a mobile impro show inspired by retro computer games. It will combine impro theatre elements with video game visuals that will be controlled by both the actors and the audience. This will be made possible with the use of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect technology, an easily accessible product for the mainstream market that we have developed a custom software for.

This Friday we fieldtested the entire game with all collaborative partners present and, even if there are small things to tweak further, it was a success. It has been a short and intense period with everything from stressed game developers, totally unpredictable technology and overenthusiastic artistic directors(that also means me).

We even included a week long workshop for a group of designstudents that were allowed to get an insight into the project and the opportunity to take part of the creative and technical process behind it but also to work and experiment with different concepts based on sensor technology, human/computer interface and performative art. This lead them to develop a prototype that was inspired by magnetic poetry, where participants are able to control individual words on the screen using hand gestures.

Design students struggling with sensor technology

On March the 23rd the public will finally see what happens when Kulturbryggan and Region Västerbotten fund a combined idea from a digital humanities laboratory, an indiegame developer and an impro theatre group. Until then I give you this little teaser…

YouTube Preview Image

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