Seminar with Hanna Rose Shell

We will be announcing seminars gradually this semester. One by one. As earlier indicated, Geoffrey Rockwell will talk about “Making theoretical things in the digital humanities” on Feb 22 (more here).

I would also like to advertise another seminar. We are very happy to have Hanna Rose Shell, MIT, visit HUMlab in late May. More information about Hanna here. We will hopefully also do a workshop in HUMlab-X/on the Arts Campus that week.

[May 29, 1:15 pm]
Hide and Seek: Camouflage, Photography and Media of Reconnaissance
Hanna Rose Shell, MIT

This talk traces the evolution of camouflage as it developed in counterpoint to technological advances in photography, innovations in warfare, and as-yet-unsolved mysteries of natural history. Today camouflage is commonly thought of as a textile pattern of interlocking greens and browns. But it is in fact much more–a set of institutional structures, mixed-media art practices, and permutations of subjectivity, that emerged over the course of the twentieth century in natural and military environments increasingly mediated by photographic and cinematic intervention.

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