Winterplay at the Artistic Campus



As we are getting closer to the official opening of the Artistic Campus the more opportunities appear for collaborations between the present institutions. As part of HUMlab I recently got the honor of holding a lecture about gaming but also in a small amount being part of the related week-long workshop arranged by the Umeå School of Architecture, The Umeå Institute of Design and the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.

The title of the workshop was “Winterplay” and participants consisted of students from all three schools. The assignment for the students was to consider “interaction between people” as the main theme, when they tried to develop “games” as a tool for interaction, and implement them with snow(as the main material).

Its been really interesting to see how the students open heartily embraced both the material and the concept and developed some really fascinating games. Far from the digital context that most of us in HUMlab are used to it has been crazy fun and surprising. How about “Zombie Wars” or a game of “In Your face”? There is everything from advanced boardgames to physical collaborative puzzle/course games to catch the flag with a zombie game. With the energy present among students and teachers alike during the workshop it’s not hard to imagine what a creative place the Artist Campus will turn into and how lucky HUMlab-X is, laying just in the middle of everything, both giving and receiving dynamic ideas.


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