Jasmina Tesanovic in HUMlab

HUMlab is preparing for a truly intense and exciting week. The same week of the Internet of Things conference (8-9 December), among several extra seminars and events, we are very happy to welcome artist, filmmaker, critic, philosopher and activist Jasmina Tesanovic (Bio) to HUMlab.

On 7 December kl. 17:00 Tesanovic will present a public seminar;

“Nomad Transnational Language: A Goose in the Fog”.

“Nomad Transnational Language of the Internet: like a Goose in the Fog, examines how the Internet changes literary national and mother languages The seminar postulates that differences become the same, that distances are equalized. It will pose the question, “How to communicate and create between the national borders?”: and includes Tesanovic’s personal history of wars and blogging. A work in progress; the performance of the electronic artwork “The Otherness of Others: Donne a Torino” (Jasmina Tesanovic, Marcus Bastos, Wilson Sukorski), as a 13 min film will be shown as part of the seminar and a discussion will follow.”

The seminar will take place in HUMlab and all are welcome. It will also be streamed live over the Internet (opens at time of seminar) and archives HERE.

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