Talented Miss X


Starting up the second night of programming

Finally, the Talented Miss X-course has started and the lab is once again occupied by happy game-making people – it has been way too long since last time! It is actually quite awesome to see this group working. Intense focus mixed with the occasional laughter when something doesn’t really go according to plans, then straight back to the programming again. It is pretty cool and inspiring watching these young women, backs bent over the keyboard, tapping away and exploring the tools. As Nifflas takes them through new things in the program a focused silence settles in the room.

And then everyone goes straight back to the tapping of keyboards and the problem solving. What density should this object have? What course should this obstacle have? Which speed should it be moving in? It’s a constant flow decisions but hey: that is game making for you. :)

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  1. Jenna says:

    I miss the lab!

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