Geek Girls unite!


There has been lots of interesting initiatives in the region recently that are aimed towards women and technology. HUMlab have had the privilege to be a partner to (and a part of) many of them, for example ETC 2009 (which was held partly in HUMlab), Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory (an initiative partly by one of our former postdocs, the tireless Stefanie Wuschitz) , Kvinnor som gör film och spel i Västerbotten (a initiative to create a network for all the women in the region that works with film or game making ), the upcoming Talented Miss X (a collaboration with Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory and Film i Västerbotten) , and just recently we have the pleasure to see (and be a part of) the rise of a local Geek Girl initiative.

Geek Girl started out in Stockholm in 2008 as a way for women interested in web, technology and innovation to meet and exchange ideas. It is for women, by women and all about professionalism and fun. It has become increasingly popular and the growing number of Geek Girls is a good indication that it is something that is here to stay. It is indeed  a marvelous concept that is already spreding over the world (there are Geek Girl initiatives in London, Gothenburg and Copenhagen just to mention a few)  and it will no doubt be a perfect thing for Umeå, with our growing digital industry, the heaps if creativity that can be found here and the great number  of skilled people.

Yesterday, a group of local geek girls hooked up for lunch and to make plans and without saying too much I do think that we will see lots of interesting things happening under the Geek Girl Umeå flag, and that quite soon!

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