New semester starting

The fall semester has not quite started proper yet, but there has been activity in the lab for some time – including preparations for new projects, activities, courses and installations. We will soon be posting information about upcoming seminars and other activities. This will be an exciting semester with many visits, concurrent courses partly happening in the lab, workshops, and an event on the internet of things in December. Our joint research venture with Stanford University – on “Media Places” – has also just started formally. More information about all this later.

We are also planning for the new lab on the Umeå Arts Campus down by the river. This photo is from earlier today (credit: Stefan Gelfgren). Not quite finished yet, but we are getting there…


HUMlab-X will be strategically placed (literally) between the School of Architecture, the Institute of Design, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Bildmuseet. We will be working closely with all these institutions (including the students!) as well as the rest of the university, artists, industry and others.

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