Student City Project in HUMlab

The Studentstaden Umeå Live 27-29 maj (Student City Live 27-29 May) project is a live video stream that follows two prospective students as they experience 48 hours of life in and around Umeå University. Linn and Zhyar visited HUMlab this afternoon and met some of the people who work in the lab, saw a graduate project by Jim (photo) that works with high resolution images from medieval Swedish churches related to the depiction of the Virgin Mary (Jungfru Maria som förebild i det medeltida Sverige).

Picture 4).

The stream attracted about 100 viewers while it was live and checking back on the archived stream (you can watch it here), it has almost 400 views over 7 hours.

I personally find the live stream over the Internet an exciting and open medium as it allows a broadcast to reach a potentially large number of people for a limited amount of capital investment. It also allows the subjects of the stream to find the performance stars who work and play among us. I present Emma, Dennis and Jim, the net TV stars of the future!!

Picture 5

We all look forward to your next broadcast.

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