Pictures from Stream Party

Troll & Stream Party 001

A photo from this past weekend’s StarCraft 2 Stream Party. Over 60 students from Umeå, but some even coming down from Skellefteå and Piteå, visited HUMlab to watch the high quality stream show, broadcasted live from the e-sports capital of the world – Seoul, South Korea.

About dennis

My name is Dennis Brännvall and I'm a recent undergrad currently working at HUMlab. I'm a game designer and writer, and primarily I maintain the documentation of events, seminares and shortcourses hosted by the lab. I also help organize our videogame-related events such as the Indiegames Night and the StarCraft2 Streamparty. I'll be staying in HUMlab until the summer of 2011, as by August of the same year I will be relocating to Orlando, FL, USA, in order to pursue my postgrad studies at University of Central Florida.
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