Penultimate FREE screening of HUMlab Science Fiction Film Series 2011 – CHILDREN OF MEN

children of men

Announcing the FOURTH screening in the Science Fiction Film Series of 2011:


Admission Free!

Details as below:

When: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where: HUMlab, located in the basement below Umeå University Library

Time: Introduction at 17:15 and screening at 17:30, followed by discussion

Language: In the original English with Swedish subtitles

Details: Original Release 2006; Julianne Moore, Clive Owen

About the Film:

Alfonso Cuarón’s CHILDREN OF MEN is set in a future Britain that has closed its borders and instituted a police state after the world is thrown into chaos once it becomes no longer possible to conceive children. Depicting a world where humanity no longer has a future, CHILDREN OF MEN looks for the possibility of hope in a state of perpetual terror and endless war. The incredible camerawork and editing, including an unbelievable 4-minute tracking shot of a car attack, work to make this film’s portrayal of the militarization of society all the more poignant.

Some links and videos to tempt you further:

Children of Men Trailer

Slavoj Zizek on Children of Men

It’s an AWESOME film and we hope to see you there!!! Feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested, and please also encourage your students to attend!

2011 HUMlab SF series team

Mike Frangos
Jenna Ng

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