QUMU seminar at HUMlab: Lego identities (Apr 26)

Lego identities: Exploring creative methods
(more info at www.qumu.se)
The fifth qumu seminar will feature David Gauntlett, Professor of Media and Communications at University of Westminster, London. He is the author of several books on identity and media audiences.

Methodologically, he has made exciting contributions in the field of creative methods. Seeking an alternative to traditional interviews and focus groups, he has been interested in studies where people have been asked to make things (videos, collages, drawings) and then interpret them. His book Creative Explorations is about a method where people build metaphorical models of their identities in Lego. This reflective method provides insights into how individuals present themselves, understand their own life story and connect with the social world.

This seminar will be held in HUMlab on 26 April at 13.15. Simon Lindgren will lead the seminar which will include a 15 minute video screening of Gauntlett introducing the method, whereafter he will be interviewed by Simon via Skype on the method, as well as answer questions and discuss with the seminar participants.

As always, all are welcome, but there will also be fika for those who notify info@qumu.se of their participation before 25 April.

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