Puppilaz at the Indie Games Night

This past Friday HUMlab hosted the 6th installment of the Indie Games Night. This time around our guest was the lovely Steffi Degiorgio, also known as Puppilaz, a graphic artist and game designer originally from Malta but nowadays residing in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Together with our residing independent game designer Nifflas, Steffi gave a presentation of her past and current projects in front of a mixed audience who all shared their passion for smaller, more experimental videogames.


After that, we all moved into the second room of the lab (H2) where all available screens had been prepared for gaming and rigged with various indie games – both those produced by Nifflas and Puppilaz, as well as others.


All in all, a good time was had by all and we are already talking about the next installment of the Indie Games Night. If you have ideas for games developers you’d like to see present their work in the lab, make sure to get in touch since we’d love to hear from you!

About dennis

My name is Dennis Brännvall and I'm a recent undergrad currently working at HUMlab. I'm a game designer and writer, and primarily I maintain the documentation of events, seminares and shortcourses hosted by the lab. I also help organize our videogame-related events such as the Indiegames Night and the StarCraft2 Streamparty. I'll be staying in HUMlab until the summer of 2011, as by August of the same year I will be relocating to Orlando, FL, USA, in order to pursue my postgrad studies at University of Central Florida.
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