Indie game developer course

A group of young women have been seen hanging around in the lab lately, spending their weekends and evenings in the lab, loudly debating the pros and cons of different kinds of games, discussing bloodthirsty seals as possible resources and so on while simultaneously getting their fair share of programming done. I’m talking about the participants of the indie game developer course – a group of young women about to master the art of game making (and enjoying a bit of fun while doing it). They’ve been busy creating a board game, discussing game mechanisms and have also gotten their hands dirty (figuratively speaking) working with programming in Multi Media Fusion 2.
With the luxury of being able use skilled workshop leaders such as Annika Olofsdotter (known from the project SuperMarit) and internationally renowned indie game developer Niklas “Nifflas” Nygren (the mind behind creations such as Knytt, Saira and FiNcK), a software that is rather easily manageable and with a great deal enthusiasm the course seem to live up to one of the main goals: to make avid consumers of video and computer games into creators of digital content. All this combined with an amazing group of what might very well be part of the future generation of game makers it has been both interesting and inspiring to hang around the lab lately. Hopefully this initiative will be a way to get the indie game scene to grow not only in numbers but also add to its diversity. One may well wish for it, huh?
The course is given for the second time and it is a result of joined forces from the lab and Mz Baltazars Laboratory – a group dedicated to work with issues concerning gender, technology and digital media, mostly in a workshop-based context. With the knowledge and experience from both the lab and Ms B and with the the rich environment that the lab offers, the course has been a great experience and hopefully it’ll inspire other initiatives such as this.

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