HUMlab Stream Party

This past Saturday, a group of about 35 students and faculty at Umeå University gathered together at HUMlab to watch the E-Sports finals of the Global StarCraft 2 League (GSL), streamed live from Seoul, South Korea. While there, we watched Jang, Min-Chul (nicknamed ‘MC’) defeat Park, Sung-Jun (nicknamed ‘July’) in a best of seven series, winning it 4-1.

E-sports is a constantly evolving digital culture and phenomenon. It continues to grow in popularity, not only in Asia but in the USA and Europe as well, and the GSL is the largest tournament in the world measured by the number of participants and the prize pool.


For those new to E-Sports and the HUMlab Stream Party, imagine meeting your friends down at the pub to watch the football game. Only you replace the ‘media’ with a very audience friendly computer game, and the ‘place’ with the large size monitor at HUMlab (as well as our comfortable bean bags). StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty is a real-time strategy game deveoped by Blizzard Entertainment, and has quickly turned into one of the most popular computer games in the world for competitive gaming.

The next HUMlab Stream Party will be held sometime in late April/early May, so make sure you keep an eye on the newsletter to stay up to date!

About dennis

My name is Dennis Brännvall and I'm a recent undergrad currently working at HUMlab. I'm a game designer and writer, and primarily I maintain the documentation of events, seminares and shortcourses hosted by the lab. I also help organize our videogame-related events such as the Indiegames Night and the StarCraft2 Streamparty. I'll be staying in HUMlab until the summer of 2011, as by August of the same year I will be relocating to Orlando, FL, USA, in order to pursue my postgrad studies at University of Central Florida.
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