visualizing social bookmarks

I am very intrigued by the social affordances allowed in research blogging. The exchange of ideas and early/process criticism are one of the main reasons I blog. This exchange was strengthened, for me, when I discovered RSS and With, one can search through bookmarks, or even subscribe to someone’s links page. Now, you can even graphically search the tags through the combination of Touchgraph and While it does make pretty graphs, is this useful? Would you rather search for tags, or subscribers? When you find a group of information hunter/gathers you trust, their suggestion of a site automatically gives it some credence. Personally, I do find it useful, but I want both. I want to check what my network is subscribing to, as well as have an interface that visualizes related items to tags I am interested in.

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2 Responses to visualizing social bookmarks

  1. alf says:

    You should have gone on to the next post :-)

  2. stephanie says:

    I did not see this! I found the post I talked about through a permalink, but did not go much further. This is great and something that I will definitely try out! Thanks for the tip :-)

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