HUMlab seminars spring semester 2011

I am very happy to present the HUMlab seminar series for the spring semester 2011. So far we have ten seminars planned for semester. We will probably add one or two additional seminars as we go along.

All seminars will be broadcast live and archived.

[January 26, 10:15 am CET]
Another Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere? On recent challenges and current research projects
Jan Schmidt,Hans-Bredow-Institut für Medienforschung, Hamburg
In collaboration with the Department of Language Studies and the Department of Culture and Media Studies
Archived version available here.

[March 23, 1.15 pm]
Displa[y/c]ing science – Culture in the making
Jonathan Westin, Göteborgs universitet

[March 30, 1:15 pm]
Sustainable Online Learning: Balancing Priorities
Michael Power, Laval University
In collaboration with Akademi Norr, Campus Skellefteå  and the project “Flexutbildningar” at Umeå University

[April 12, 1:15 pm]
Språkteknologi som litteraturvetenskapligt forskningsredskap: Empiri och analysmetoder i projektet Poesiprocesser på nätet
Julia Pennlert, Umeå universitet and Sverker Lundin. Göteborgs universitet

[April 14 2011, 1:15 pm]
Knowing Audiences, Knowing Media: Performing Publics at the Early Twentieth-Century Fun Fair
Anders Ekström, Kungliga tekniska högskolan

[April 27, 1:15 pm]
Cyberarchaeology: a Post-Virtual Perspective
Maurizio Forte, University of California at Merced

[April 29, 1:15 pm]
Interactive Text Events
Rita Raley, University of California at Santa Barbara

[May 10, 1:15 pm]
Close, Distant, and Unexpected Readings
Alan Liu, University of California at Santa Barbara

[May 11, 1:15 pm]
The Book Rebels: Flap Anatomies, Fore-edge Paintings, and Other Acts of Digital Resistance
Whitney Trettien, Duke University

[May 17, 1:15 pm]
Search Technology in Society: Constructing search engines, shaping knowledge
Astrid Mager, Umeå universitet

All welcome!

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