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The HUMlab blog goes through quiet spells like most blogs do, but we do have many active HUMlab bloggers who blog about their research on their own sites, and over twitter. I wanted to gather up those sites and present them quickly here. They are also (for the most part) linked in the sidebar.

The newest in our network of bloggers is Coppelie Cocq, a postdoc at HUMlab researching Sami folklore in digital environments. More about Coppelie and her research can be found on her blog, Challenging Traditions. Coppelie also tweets here.

The director of HUMlab, Patrik Svensson has a wide range of research interests that include, in his own words, facilitating cross-sectional meetings and innovation, in the future of the humanities and the university, in reaching out and in the intersection of the humanities, culture and IT. Patrik blogs here on the HUMlab blog, and occasionally at Patrik’s sprawl. Patrik also tweets @patriksv.

The assistant director of HUMlab, Cecilia Lindhé blogs about her post-doc project on ekphrasis, literature and the digital humanities at Digital Ekphrasis.

Stephanie Hendrick is a research assistant and PhD student at both HUMlab and the Department of Culture and Media Studies. Stephanie blogs about her own research interests in participatory media, youth online culture, and academic activism on her personal blog, Visual Epidemic. Stephanie also writes at YAPA, the website for her research project Youth on Youtube, and at DVIS, the website for her research project about domestic violence and the Internet. Stephanie also tweets as @fairyrings.

Jim Barrett is a PhD student at both HUMlab and Langage Studies. Jim blogs here on the HUMlab blog, and about music, narrative and digital culture on his personal blog Soul Sphincter. Jim also has a teaching blog, Augmented Reality. Jim is also an avid tweeter, @jimbarrett.

Simon Lindgren is a professor in the Sociology department at Umeå University and works together with HUMlab in many projects. Simon blogs about his research interests in participatory culture, file-sharing culture, youth digital culture, and media places on his own research blog at Simon has a tumblr of random favorites, and vlogs how-to videos at Vimeo. Simon also tweets as @simon_lindgren.

One of our new post-docs, Astrid Mager, has a blog about her research on the “hierarchizing and practicing of knowledge via, on and through the web” and her time in the north of Sweden called Notes from the North. Astrid also tweets as @astridmager.

Mike Frangos, another current post doc at HUMlab and originally from UC Santa Barbara, is working on modern and contemporary literature, media history and critical theory and blogs at Mike also tweets as @mikefrangos.

Recently, Charlotte Frost spent two months in HUMlab as a digital art research fellow. Charlotte is a broadcaster and academic researching the impact digital tools has on art history/criticism. Charlotte can be found many places online, her blog, her project PhDtoPublished, and her YouTube channel. Charlotte also tweets as @charlottefrost.

After finishing this list, I realized what a diverse and active community of researchers we have here in HUMlab. Please feel free to visit our various sites and contact us with questions and comments.

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