Umeå School of Architecture inaugurated

Assistant director Cecilia Lindhé and I attended the inauguration of the Umeå School of Architecture yesterday. This is rector Peter Kjaer talking about the school:


Inaugurations are symbolic acts, of course, but yesterday’s event had a particularly strong sense of rich manifestation and canalization of efforts and energy. The magnificent space helped create this energy as well as the historical sense when a new school of architecture comes into being. It is a rare event. Another important factor is that the School of Architecture is an important part of the new and emerging Arts Campus.


In a sense, yesterday’s event made the Arts Campus much more real. I could see where the passageway to HUMlab-X, the BildMuseet, the new Academy of Fine Arts and the Institute of Design will be. Parts of this configuration already exist, but the newness of the School of Architecture, the large crowd and the ongoing construction work outside accentuated something new and exciting coming into being.


The collaboration is already ongoing, of course, and for instance, 60 students from the School of Architecture will visit HUMlab on Monday.

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