My research project at HUMlab

Hi there!

My name is Coppélie – another new postdoc at Humlab!

I am a folklorist, with a PhD degree in Sámi Studies from Umeå University. In my dissertation Revoicing Sámi narratives. North Sámi storytelling at the turn of the 20th century (Sámi Dutkan, Umeå University, 2008), I studied the repertoires of Sámi storytellers in relation to the context of that time and to the collective storytelling tradition. (More about me in my profile on Mendeley)

My research project at HUMlab focuses on digital environments for language and culture revitalization, with the contemporary Sámi situation as example. I am interested in expressive culture on the Internet and its role for the articulation of Sámi identity. Based on online fieldwork and qualitative data, I investigate how digital environments may provide a scene for creation and adaptation of Sámi cultural expressions and how new modes of communication manage to convey aspects of Sámi traditions and culture. Further, I am looking at how these may contribute to ongoing processes of cultural and linguistic revitalization in Sápmi (Sameland).

I look forward to discussing my work with you all!

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  1. Tim Hutchings says:

    Hi Coppelie! This sounds great – I look forward to hearing more soon.

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