Indie game event with Petri Purho 21/5

On Friday the 21/5 HUMlab hosted the last indie game event for the spring semester. The guest of honour was Petri Purho, indie game developer of the acclaimed game Crayon Physics, later developed into Crayon Physics Deluxe.


It was a pure pleasure to follow Petri’s talk, being the experienced and relaxed speaker as he is. The talk took an interesting twist as Petri choose to discuss creativity in itself, both separated and connected with the context of developing indie games. During the way Petri talked about important references in his works such as Tim Browns talk at TED on creativity and play but also designer Andy Schatz’s game Monaco and the difference of making shit games and making shit in games.


He also mentioned the Experimental Gameplay Project, the equivalent of Dogme 95 for indie game makers and how important this was for his own development as an indie game developer. Shortly; just do it! The tenets of EGP are:

  • Each game must be made in less than seven days.

  • Each game must be made by exactly one person.

  • Each game must be based around a common theme, i.e., “gravity,” “vegetation,” “swarms,” etc.

Besides Petri’s talk the indie game event used the interactive screen based environment in HUMlab to as usual present some new interesting games from the indie game scene.


Spelunky, Hero Core, Flotilla, Action Fist, Osmos and the newly released Finck by local indie game developer Nifflas were only a few of the fun games for the evening.




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